Frontrunner XT creates safe entranceway

Visitors to Switzerland's Raiffeisen Bank have to cross a curved bridge to access the building – but the steel construction makes for a slippery and unsafe walkway, especially in winter.

The problem

The Raiffeisen Bank in Gossau, a municipality in the north-east of Switzerland, forms part of a large retail complex where the shops are separated from the parking lot by a river. The bridge connecting the car park to the complex is curved, made from steel and gets very cold in the winter months. Throughout winter, the bridge would ice over, causing many pedestrians to slip as they dashed across from their cars to the bank.

The checklist

  • Can be laid over an existing surface
  • Flexible enough to contour seamlessly over a curved bridge surface
  • Strong enough to withstand heavy foot and traffic wheel traffic
  • Delivers superior slip resistance
  • Quickly drains and dissipates large amounts of water

The solution

Flooring specialist Wibatec recommended Frontrunner XT, our heavy-duty entrance matting, as the perfect solution for this unique application. Specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the matting has an open grid that quickly drains and dissipates water, ice and snow, plus a deep-etched tread for collecting and trapping dirt and debris. This extra aggressive surface provides pedestrians with extra traction underfoot.

Made from flexible PVC, Frontrunner XT is flexible enough to follow the curve of the bridge yet sturdy enough to remain in place – even when the steel is completely iced over. The one-piece construction means the matting can be cut to fit on site, with no previous site visits needed.

At a glance


Raiffaeisen Bank


Heavy-duty, slip-resistant entrance matting that can be loose laid over an existing, curved surface.


Gossau, Switzerland



Product spotlight

Frontrunner XT

Frontrunner XT is a heavy-duty entrance mat designed to combat substantial amounts of dirt and large debris.

Seamless integration

Choose from rolls in standard widths and 10m (33') lengths or order a custom size

Simple installation

One-piece construction means you can cut to fit on site, with no previous site visits needed

Easy to maintain

Simply roll or lift to clean, no special tools needed

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“This was an interesting application which presented a unique set of difficulties. We had to find matting which was loose laid, flexible enough to follow the curve of the bridge yet sturdy enough to remain in place, even when the steel was completely iced over. We knew Frontrunner XT would provide the perfect answer”
Ivan Wigger, manager, Wibatec

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