Vynagrip helps keep factory workers safe

Global tool manufacturer Sandvik Coromant needed a matting solution that would contour to uneven surfaces, dissipate production waste and help boost worker productivity.

The problem

As part of its ongoing expansion, global tool manufacturer Sandvik Coromant needed to extend their production facility. The expansion was added onto the existing building, which left the new flooring rough and uneven at varying levels, particularly where walls had been removed. The factory needed a flooring solution that would contour to the uneven sub-surface and sit flush against the machinery, providing a safe, slip-resistant environment for their employees.

The checklist

  • Sits flush against irregularly shaped machinery and work benches
  • Quickly drains and dissipates production waste
  • Easy to handle and roll up for quick cleaning
  • Provides a hardwearing and durable surface, plus comfort underfoot

The solution

The expansion's rough flooring meant Sandvik Coromant needed a slip-resistant solution that would contour to the uneven surface. We recommended a combination of Vynagrip and Vynagrip Plus, our heavy-duty matting that can be quickly cut to fit on site and loose laid for seamless installation. The matting's open grid and two layer construction delivers superior drainage, while the non-porous PVC repels all kinds of workplace fluids, including oils, acids and chemicals.

The matting also helped Sandvik Coromant prioritise worker safety: the two-layer construction provides anti-fatigue properties proven to help boost productivity, while the yellow bands around the edge of Vynagrip Plus allowed the factory to delineate safe walkways around the heavy machinery.

At a glance


Sandvik Coromant


A safe, slip resistant, anti-fatigue surface for a fast-moving production facility.


Sandviken, Sweden


Product spotlight


Our number one defence against slippery environments, Vynagrip is heavy-duty matting designed to withstand all kinds of workplace liquids.

Flexible formats

Choose from modules with ramped PVC edging or rolls in standard widths and 10m (33') lengths

Simple installation

Easy to cut on site; contours to uneven surfaces

Easy to maintain

No special cleaning tools needed; easy to clean with a high pressure hose

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“This matting has really helped to solve some of the issues we faced following our expansion. The fact that it contours over thresholds and over rough sub-flooring is very satisfying. It’s easy to roll up and move for cleaning and removal of waste. The yellow strips are visually effective at marking out safe walkways, and our staff find it comfortable to stand on for long periods.”
works engineer Paul Willmott

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