Matting for sports and recreation

Swimming pools, saunas, bathing areas, locker rooms – with so many wet environments, it's vital that recreation centers have clean, comfortable and safe surfaces underfoot.

The perfect combination of slip resistance, hygiene and comfort, our barefoot matting provides a lightweight and economical solution for all kinds of sports and recreation environments.

All our recreation matting has a non-porous construction that’s naturally resistant to oils and chemicals, while the open grid and etched surface ensures the highest slip resistance and drainage, making it ideal for locker areas and swimming pool surrounds.

Providing continuous hygiene is crucial in wet and humid environments, especially when there's direct skin contact. That’s why our matting contains permanent antimicrobial and antifungal additives, which helps protect against fungal and bacterial contamination. This makes our mats the perfect choice for areas where people spend time barefoot, like shower rooms, changing rooms and locker rooms.

All of our barefoot matting is UV resistant, so can be used indoor or outdoor. Installation is easy: you can choose from rolls that can be loose laid, or in interlocking matting tiles to cover large areas. And the lightweight construction means the matting can be quickly and easily lifted for cleaning and storage.


Barefoot matting: Meet the range

We've got a mat for every need

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“This project was particularly interesting because of the inherent difficulty with the structural design of the floor – the twin problems of how to deal with a lot of water, as well as to provide a safe and comfortable surface on which small children could play. Now, the water flows away easily, maintenance is eliminated and, of course, management, parents and children are all very happy!”


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