A guide to Gateway frames and dividers

From recessed to surface-mounted applications, our Gateway entrance matting fits seamlessly with all well depths and contours effortlessly to the subfloor. There's also low profile options for integration with luxury vinyl tiles, carpet and ceramic.

You can see our entire Gateway matting range here.

Recessed installations

Our frames and dividers for recessed installations are purpose designed to provide level and smooth transitions between your entrance mat and the surrounding environment. Simple to install, they're available in range of finishes and colours.

Surface-mounted installations

Our frames and dividers for surface-mounted installations can be used for both fixed-in-place and moveable entrance mats and walkways. We offer two types of edges (PVC and aluminum), as well as PVC clips and joining strips for larger installs.

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Surface-mounted frame colours
Annodised alluminium copy
Anodised aluminum
Yellow F3
Ox Blue F2
Oxford blue
Green F3
Holly green
Dark grey F1
Dark grey
Brown F3
Dark brown
Black F1
Recessed frame colours

Aluminum frames come in a natural anodised finish. For design elegance and colour continuity, the U, R and T frames are all available in dark grey and black. The J frame, in rigid PVC, is also available in dark grey and black.

Anodised finish
Dark Grey
Dark grey

Installation videos

To give you total flexibility, every product in our Gateway entrance matting range can be installed as either recessed or surface mounted. Check out some of our installation videos below or see all our videos here.

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