Matting for the transport industry

With a reputation for being some of the busiest places in the world, transport hubs require flooring solutions that can withstand demanding conditions and high traffic.

Our matting for the transport industry includes entrance matting for terminals, walkway matting for pedestrian areas and heavy-duty matting for maintenance areas.

From pedestrian entranceways and boarding areas to the maintenance that happens behind the scenes, transport hubs cater daily for thousands of people. A highly regulated industry, it's imperative that flooring and walkways are safe, user-friendly, hygienic and slip-resistant.

Our matting spans a wide range of applications: we have entrance matting for airports, train stations and bus terminals; walkway matting for pedestrian areas, passageways and roof tops; anti-fatigue matting for service and security areas; heavy-duty matting for greasy and grimy maintenance areas; module matting that fits snugly against work stations; and close mesh matting for luggage and freight handling areas where trolleys and wheels are in use.


Plastex Gateway: Stop dirt at the door

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“Trackgrip has been very successful in fulfilling this complicated brief. The combination of slip resistance, comfort and yellow edging makes this an attractive and effective solution.”


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