Matting for marine environments

Our marine matting can be used across a huge variety of applications, from compartments and walkways to decks and engine rooms.

Putting measures in place to protect passengers and equipment is vital in a marine environment, where slippery surfaces and harsh conditions are all par for the course.

Our marine matting features the winning combination of drainage, slip resistance and surface protection to keep travellers safe and boats and components free from damage.

Made from non-porous materials, which are resistant to contamination and easy to clean, all our marine matting has a flexible construction that contours to irregular surfaces and spaces. The open grid design ensures excellent drainage and air circulation, and the vinyl composition means the matting remains resistant to chemicals, oils and acids.

This makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including on pontoons, jetties and moorings where slip resistance and drainage is needed; on work boats where slip resistance, drainage and surface protection is needed; to create temporary walkways when bringing goods on board and undertaking maintenance; and as a compartment liner when both cushioning and drainage is needed.


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Our marine matting can be used across a huge variety of applications, including compartments, walkways, decks and engine rooms.

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