Policies & statements

Privacy policy

We think carefully about our use of your personal data. Here, you can read our privacy policy, which details the measures that we've put in place to protect your privacy. This policy covers what data we collect, how we collect it, what we use it for and who that data is shared with.

Plastex privacy policy

Warranty policy

All our matting products are designed to live a long life. In the unlikely event that a Plastex product has a defect in workmanship or doesn't perform the way it should, we offer a full refund or replacement warranty. The warranty periods vary depending on the product – see full terms and details here.

Plastex warranty policy

Reversion statement

Our PVC matting is made with plasticised PVC which, as with all thermoplastics, is susceptible to slight size changes. To find out more, download our reversion statement below.

Plastex reversion statement

Chemical resistance statement

The excellent chemical resistance of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) makes it particularly suitable for a wide range of applications. To find out more, download our chemical resistance statement below.

Plastex chemical resistance statement

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