Flexipath Covid-19

A lightweight, slip-resistant walkway mat with colourful markers to make social distancing simple.

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Allow customers, visitors and employees to keep a safe distance with Flexipath Covid-19, our single-tier, lightweight social distancing mat that features stand zones in alternating colour blocks.

With Covid-19 lockdown restrictions constantly shifting, many businesses are facing the challenges of continuing or restarting operations while complying with social distancing measures. For many, this has meant installing two-metre social distancing floor signs and getting frustrated when they tear or budge.

Flexipath makes social distancing easy

To help businesses and their customers better manage these requirements, we created Flexipath Covid-19, a durable, long lasting social distancing mat with delineated stand zones. The mat’s alternating colour blocks and equally spaced floor markings makes it ideal for businesses with queuing customers and workplaces with standing employees or frequent shift changeovers.

More durable than social distancing stickers

Flexipath is a more durable option than temporary social distancing floor signs (such as social distancing floor stickers and stencils) because it won't tear or budge, and can be easily moved where needed thanks to its lightweight, one-piece construction. It can also be placed on any floor surface, which removes the dilemma of how to mark out social distancing on carpet.

Quick installation, simple to clean

Flexipath is incredibly easy to install (just roll and go), and its open-grid construction makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

Flexible format

Comes in rolls of up to 24m (80’)

Simple installation

Easy to cut on site; contours to uneven surfaces

Easy to maintain

Light to handle; easy to clean

Features + benefits


Textured Surface

Etched surface

Open Grid


Chemical Oil And Acid Resistant

Resistant to most acids, alkali and oils

One Layer Construction

Single tier, lightweight construction

Comes In Rolls

Comes in rolls of up to 24m (80’)


Slip Resistant

Certified slip resistant (DIN 51130: R11, DIN 51097:C)

Excellent Drainage

Excellent drainage (DIN 51130:V10)

Easy To Clean

Easy to clean

Contours To Uneven Surfaces

Contours to uneven surfaces and comfortable to stand on

Easy Installation

Quick to install and move if needed

Standard sizes
Flexipath Covid-19
Height1/4” (6mm)
Standard roll options80’ x 18” (24 x 0.45m)
80’ x 2’ (24 x 0.6m)
80’ x 3’ (24 x 0.91m)
Weight0.76 lb/sq.ft (3.70 kg/m2)

Flexipath’s one-piece construction means installation is simple:

  • Comes in rolls of up to 24m
  • Place where needed and unroll
  • No special tools or previous site visits needed
  • Contours to uneven surfaces

Flexipath’s lightweight, open-grid construction makes it easy to clean:

  • Simply lift or roll to clean
  • Easy to clean with a high pressure hose

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