Heronrib provides slip-resistant poolside walkway

Management at a community school pool in Texas wanted to install a high-traction barefoot walkway to lower the risk of a slip and fall accident.

The problem

Located just outside Houston, Texas, the Magnolia Independent School District manages 17 public schools attended by more than 10,000 students. The district’s indoor swimming pool is used by more than 300 of those students, plus members of the local community, every day. High levels of foot traffic combined with the wet surrounds led to concerns of potential injury, so pool management decided to install walkways to create safer access routes for users. The venue is often used for student swim-meets, so matching the matting to school colours was also a priority.

The checklist

  • Quickly drains large volumes of water
  • Provides both grip and comfort underfoot
  • Light to handle for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Protects bare feet from bacterial contamination
  • Coordinates with the school’s colours

The solution

While attending a swim-meet at Texas A&M University, Magnolia’s head coach and aquatic director Terry Jones saw that matting had been installed around the perimeters of the pool. It wasn’t just the slip-resistance surface that caught his eye but the hue. The swimming pool floor mats were in the University’s distinctive collegiate maroon, coincidentally the same colour as Magnolia’s own school colour.

After the Magnolia district tested the matting around their own pool, they ordered several hundred metres of Heronrib drainage mat roll to line the pool surrounds. Specifically designed for wet areas with high barefoot traffic, Heronrib self-drains even when faced with the largest volumes of water. Its embossed surface delivers traction and is comfortable underfoot, while antimicrobial and anti-fungal additives keep the surface hygienic.

At a glance


Magnolia Independent School District


A slip-resistant, hygienic surface that can drain large quantities of water, while being gentle on bare feet.


Houston, Texas, US



Product spotlight


Keep bathing and washing areas safe with Heronrib, the ultimate slip-resistant sport and recreation matting designed to withstand extensive barefoot traffic.

Flexible format

Supplied in 10m rolls, can be used indoor or outdoor

Simple installation

Easy to cut to fit on site, contours to uneven surfaces

Easy to maintain

Hygienic, hard-wearing and UV resistant

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"Since we installed Heronrib, we haven't had a single accident around the pool. The matting prevents water building up underneath and the anti-slip surface provides a firm footing for all our swimmers no matter their age or physical ability. We are very proud of our facility and love that fact we were able to order the matting in our school colours."
Terry Jones, head coach and aquatic director

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