Why social distancing floor mats?

Observing social distancing is one of the best ways to help slow the spread and rate of transmission of Covid-19.

Our social distancing mats have delineated stand zones that allow businesses, customers, visitors and employees to easily observe governmental social distancing rules. Unlike 2m distancing floor signs like social distancing floor stickers or social distancing floor stencils, our mats are durable and long lasting, and can easily be moved where needed or stored for future use.

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic means businesses are having to take unprecedented steps to protect themselves and others. Complying with social distancing measures is already the norm for many essential businesses and, as lockdown restrictions continue to ease, other businesses will face the challenge of restarting operations while making sure it’s easy for employees, visitors and customers to maintain distance from one another. For many, this will include installing floor markings for social distancing.

That’s why we’ve developed two social distancing mats specifically designed to help businesses comply with these new restrictions. Our Flexipath Covid-19 and Crossline Covid-19 mats have delineated safety stand zones with markers to give people a visual reminder of the need for social distancing.

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Ideal for queuing customers and standing employees
Our social distancing floor mats provide a safe and comfortable surface on which to stand, making them the perfect choice for businesses with queuing customers and workplaces with standing employees or frequent shift changeovers.

Simple to install, easy to clean
Flexible and lightweight, our social distance mats are incredibly easy to install: simply roll out and place where required. The open-grid construction means cleaning and maintenance is simple.

More durable than temporary floor signs
Unlike temporary floor markings for social distancing – like social distance floor stickers or floor stencils – our mats can easily be moved where needed or stored for future use. The durable construction makes them far more cost-effective than social distancing floor markers, and because they can placed on any floor surface, they're ideal if you're wondering how to mark social distancing on carpet.

Made in the UK & USA
Manufactured in the UK and the USA with short production times, our safe distancing mats are a cost effective and durable way to implement governmental physical distance requirements among employees and customers.

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"We had to make the social distancing changes quite quickly, and Crossgrip couldn’t be easier to install. The mat’s clear markers make it easy for customers to maintain an appropriate distance, and it also looks stylish in our store."


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